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Assessment Summary Sheet

Contributory factor assessment for each assessed Airprox can be downloaded.

Number of Airprox reports assessed, and their ICAO Risk rating
Total Risk A Risk B Risk C Risk D Risk E
13 2 3 6 0 2
Assessed Airprox reports
Airprox Aircraft 1 (Type) Aircraft 2 (Type) Airspace (Class) ICAO Risk
2020120 P68 (Civ Comm) P750 (Civ Comm) London FIR (G) E
2020121 S92 (Civ Comm) Quik GT450 (Civ FW) Scottish FIR (G) C
2020122 DA40 (Civ FW) Cirrus SR20 (Civ FW) London FIR (G) C
2020124 C404 (Civ Comm) PA28 (Civ FW) London FIR (G) C
2020126 DA42 (Civ FW) Jet Provost (Civ FW) London FIR (G) B
2020127 PA28 (Civ FW) C172 (Civ FW) White Waltham ATZ (G) A
2020129 ASK 21 (Civ Gld) BE36 (Civ FW) Wattisham ATZ (G) C
2020132 Hawk T1 (HQ Air Ops) RotorSport MT-03 (Civ Helo) London FIR (G) C
2020134 PA28 (Civ FW) PA32 (Civ FW) Lee-on-Solent ATZ (G) B
2020137 Cabri G2 (Civ Helo) Vampire (Civ FW) London FIR (G) B
2020138 Paraglider (Civ Hang) AS355 (Civ Helo) London FIR (G) E
2020139 Fournier RF3 (Civ FW) SportCruiser (Civ FW) London FIR (G) C
2020141 Ikarus C42 (Civ FW) C152 (Civ FW) Barton ATZ (G) A


Consolidated Drone/Balloon/Model/Unknown Object Summary Sheet

There were no drone reports assessed in this month.

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