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  • Assessment Summary Sheet for UKAB Meeting on Wednesday 9th December 2020

    Contributory factor assessment for each Airprox can be downloaded here


    Total A B C D E
    15 1 4 4 1 5


    Airprox Aircraft 1 (Type) Aircraft 2 (Type) Airspace (Class)



    2020099 ASK13 (Civ Gld) Spitfire (Civ FW) London FIR (G) C
    2020101 ASW27 (Civ Gld) Unk Helicopter (Civ Helo) London FIR (G) D
    2020102 HpH Shark (Civ Gld) Ventus 2C (Civ Gld) London FIR (G) E
    2020103 Skyranger (Civ FW) PA28 (Civ FW) London FIR (G) B
    2020104 Venture TMG (Civ FW) Mooney M20 (Civ FW) London FIR (G) B
    2020106 DA40 (Civ FW) Pitts (Civ FW) London FIR (G) B
    2020107 PA25 (Civ FW) C510 (Civ Comm) London FIR (G) E
    2020109 Falcon 2000 (Civ Comm) Glasflügel Mosquito (Civ Gld) London FIR (G) A
    2020111 DA40 (Civ FW) Glider (Civ Gld) London FIR (G) C
    2020112 P68 (Civ Comm) Unknown Glider (Civ Gld) London FIR (G) C
    2020114 EC135 (NPAS) R22 (Civ Helo) Elstree ATZ (G) E
    2020115 Falcon 20 (Civ Comm) PA18 (Civ FW) London FIR (G) E
    2020116 PA28 (Civ FW) MD500 (Civ Helo) Blackbushe ATZ (G) C
    2020117 Hapi Cygnet SF2A (Civ FW) PA23 (Civ FW) London FIR (G) B
    2020119 Hawk (HQ Air Trg) EV97 (Civ FW) Scottish FIR (G) E

  • Consolidated Drone/Balloon/Model/Unknown Object Summary Sheet for UKAB Meeting on 9th December 2020

    Contributory factor assessment for this Airprox can be downloaded here


    Total Risk A Risk B Risk C Risk D Risk E
    1 0 1 0 0 0





    Time (UTC)         









    Pilot/Controller Report

    Reported Separation

    Reported Risk

    Comments/Risk Statement




    16 Oct 20   



    (Civ Comm)


    5127N 00023W

    2NM ESE Heathrow


    London CTR


    The PA31 pilot reports a near miss with a drone while calibrating the London City ILS. The drone was 12-18 inches in size, green in colour and at 2000ft, approximately 1NM to the south of Heathrow's southern runway centreline.


    Reported Separation: 0ft V/50-75ft H

    Reported Risk of Collision: NR


    The NATS Safety Investigation reports that the SVFR controller telephoned Heathrow Tower at 11:24:15 and informed them of the drone sighting by the crew of [the PA31]. This information was passed to aircraft waiting to depart, of which one was already established on the take-off roll on RW09R. At 1125:35, a sporadic radar contact displayed approximately 1NM northwest of the previously reported drone position.

    In the Board’s opinion the reported altitude and/or description of the object were sufficient to indicate that it could have been a drone. Subsequently, another pilot reported sighting an object approximately 2min later in a similar position [Airprox 2020150].


    Applicable Contributory Factors: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6


    Risk: The Board considered that the pilot’s overall account of the incident portrayed a situation where safety had been much reduced below the norm to the extent that safety had not been assured.


    [1] Latitude and Longitude are usually only estimates that are based on the reported time of occurrence mapped against any available radar data for the aircraft’s position at that time. Because such reported times may be inaccurate, the associated latitudes and longitudes should therefore not be relied upon as precise locations of the event.