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  • The links on this page provide some interesting topical articles for more background reading. Although some are a bit dated, they still provide thought-provoking ideas and comments that are as applicable today as they were when they were produced.

    The latest BGA Sailplane & Gliding Airprox article can be downloaded here. Our thanks to the BGA for permission to use it.

    An interesting LAA article on electronic conspicuity can be downloaded here. Our thanks also to the LAA for their permission to use it.

    Many articles on lookout cite the ‘Andrews’ MIT paper on unalerted air-to-air visual acquisition when talking about reaction times. Although a bit dated now, it’s got some really interesting material within and can be downloaded here.

    Another good paper on the ‘Limitations of the see-and-avoid Principle’ from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau can be downloaded here.

    Although aimed at US flyers, the 2016 FAA Advisory Circular AC 90-48D can be downloaded here and also has some good tips on how to avoid Airprox (which they term NMAC, meaning near midair collisions).

    Overflight of gliding sites.  A one-page brief from the BGA on the topic of avoiding over-flight of gliding sites can be downloaded here. This has been of concern to the UKAB and the BGA for a long time and has been the subject of numerous articles to raise awareness.  Please avoid overflying glider sites below the maximum winch-launch altitude, the consequences of a wire or glider strike are obvious.