UK Airprox Board UK Airprox Board
  • The following are common abbreviations used within the aviation industry.

  • Abbreviation Meaning
    aal Above aerodrome level
    ac Aircraft
    ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
    ACC Area Control Centre
    ACN Airspace Co-ordination Notice
    A/D Aerodrome
    ADC Aerodrome Control(ler)
    ADF Automatic Direction Finding Equipment
    ADR Advisory Route
    AEF Air Experience Flight
    AEW Airborne Early Warning
    AFIS(O) Aerodrome Flight Information Services (Officer)
    agl Above Ground Level
    AIAA Area of Intense Aerial Activity
    AIC Aeronautical Information Circular
    AIP Aeronautical Information Publication
    AIS Aeronautical Information Services
    alt Altitude
    amsl Above mean sea level
    AOB Angle of bank
    A/P Autopilot
    APP Approach Control(ler)
    APR Approach Radar Control(ler)
    ARP Aerodrome Reference Point
    ASR Airfield Surveillance Radar
    ATC Air Traffic Control
    ATCC Air Traffic Control Centre
    ATCO Air Traffic Control Officer
    ATCRU Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
    ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
    ATM Aerodrome Traffic Monitor
    ATS (U) Air Traffic Service (Unit)
    ATSA Air Traffic Service Assistant
    ATSOCAS ATSs Outside Controlled Airspace
    ATSI Air Traffic Services Investigations
    ATZ Aerodrome Traffic Zone
    AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
    AWR Air Weapons Range
    BGA British Gliding Association
    BHAB British Helicopter Advisory Board
    BHPA British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
    BINA ERS British Isles/N Atlantic En Route Supplement
    BMAA British Microlight Aircraft Association
    c cira
    CAA Civil Aviation Authority
    CANP Civil Air Notification Procedure
    CAS Controlled Airspace
    CAT Clear Air Turbulence
    CAVOK Visibility, cloud and present weather better than prescribed values or conditions
    Cct Circuit
    CFI Chief Flying Instructor
    CinC Fleet Commander in Chief Fleet, Royal Navy
    CLAC Clear Above Cloud
    CLAH Clear Above Haze
    CLBC Clear Below Cloud
    CLBL Clear Between Layers
    CLOC Clear of Cloud
    CMATZ Combined MATZ
    CPA Closest Point of Approach
    C/S Callsign
    CTA Control Area
    CTR/CTZ Control Zone
    CWS Collision Warning System
    Abbreviation Meaning
    DA Decision Altitude
    DAAvn Director Army Aviation
    DAP Downlinked Ac Parameters [Mode S]
    DAP Directorate of Airspace Policy CAA
    D & D Distress & Diversion Cell
    DF Direction Finding (Finder)
    DH Decision Height
    DME Distance Measuring Equipment
    DUA Dedicated User Area
    E East
    EAT Expect Approach Time
    elev Elevation
    ERS En Route Supplement
    est estimated
    FAT Final Approach Track
    FIR Flight Information Region
    FIS Flight Information Service
    FISO Flight Information Service Officer
    FMS Flight Management System
    FO First Officer
    fpm Feet Per Minute
    fps Flight Progress Strip
    GAT General Air Traffic
    GCA Ground Controlled Approach
    GCI Ground Controlled Interception
    GMC Ground Movement Controller
    GP Glide Path
    GS Groundspeed
    H Horizontal
    HISL High Intensity Strobe Light
    HLS Helicopter Landing Site
    HMR Helicopter Main Route
    HPZ Helicopter Protected Zone
    HQ Air HQ Air Command
    HUD Head Up Display
    Abbreviation Meaning
    IAS Indicated Air Speed
    iaw In accordance with
    ICF Initial Contact Frequency
    IFF Identification Friend or Foe
    IFR Instrument Flight Rules
    ILS Instrument Landing System
    IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
    JOI Joint Operating Instruction
    JSP Joint Services Publication
    KHz Kilohertz
    kt Knots
    km Kilometres
    L Left
    LACC London Area Control Centre (Swanwick)
    LARS Lower Airspace Radar Service
    LATCC(Mil) London Air Traffic Control Centre (Military)
    LFA Low Flying Area
    LFC Low Flying Chart
    LH Left hand
    LLZ Localizer
    LJAO London Joint Area Organisation (Swanwick (MIL))
    LoA Letter of Agreement
    LTMA London TMA
    MACC Manchester Area Control Centre
    MATS Manual of Air Traffic Services
    MATZ Military Aerodrome Traffic Zone
    mb Millibars
    MHz Megahertz
    MOD Ministry of Defence
    MRSA Mandatory Radar Service Area
    MSD Minimum Separation Distance
    N North
    NATS National Air Traffic Services
    NDB Non - Directional Beacon
    nm Nautical Miles
    NMC No Mode C
    NK Not Known
    NR Not Recorded
    NVG Night Vision Goggles
    OAC Oceanic Area Control
    OACC Oceanic Area Control Centre
    OAT Operational Air Traffic
    O/H Overhead
    OJTI On-the-Job Training Instructor
    OLDI On-Line Data Interchange
    PAR Precision Approach Radar
    PFL Practice Forced Landing
    PF Pilot Flying
    PI Practice Interception
    PINS Pipeline Inspector Notification System
    PNF Pilot Non-flying
    Abbreviation Meaning
    QDM Magnetic heading (zero wind)
    QFE Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome/airport elevation (or at runway threshold)
    QFI Qualified Flying Instructor
    QHI Qualified Helicopter Instructor
    QNH Altimeter sub - scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground
    R Right
    RA Resolution Advisory (TCAS)
    RAS Radar Advisory Service
    RAT Restricted Area (Temporary)
    RCO Range Control Officer
    RH Right hand
    RIS Radar Information Service
    ROC Rate of Climb
    ROD Rate of Descent
    RPS Regional Pressure Setting
    RT Radio Telephony
    RTB Return to base
    RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
    RW Runway
    RVR Runway Visual Range
    S South
    SAP Simulated Attack Profile
    SAS Standard Altimeter Setting
    SC Sector Controller
    ScATCC (Mil) Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre (Military) (Prestwick)
    ScOACC Scottish and Oceanic Area Control Centre (Prestwick)
    SFL Selected Flight Level [Mode S DAP]
    SID Standard Instrument Departure
    SMF Separation Monitoring Function
    SOP Standard Operating Procedures
    SRA Surveillance Radar Approach
    SRE Surveillance Radar Element of precision approach radar system
    SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
    STAR Standard Instrument Arrival Route
    STCA Short Term Conflict Alert
    SVFR Special VFR
    TA Traffic Advisory (TCAS)
    TAS True Air Speed
    TBC Tactical Booking Cell
    TC Terminal Control
    TCAS Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System
    TRA Temporary Restricted Area
    TFR Terrain Following Radar
    TI Traffic Information
    TMA Terminal Control Area
    TRUCE Training in Unusual Circumstances and Emergencies
    UAR Upper Air Route
    UHF Ultra High Frequency
    UIR Upper Flight Information Region
    UKDLFS United Kingdom Day Low Flying System
    UKNLFS United Kingdom Night Low Flying System
    UNL Unlimited
    USAF(E) United States Airforce (Europe)
    UT Under Training
    UTA Upper Control Area
    UTC Coordinated Universal Time
    V Vertical
    VCR Visual Control Room
    VDF Very High Frequency Direction Finder
    VFR Visual Flight Rules
    VHF Very High Frequency
    VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions
    VOR Very High Frequency Omni Range
    VRP Visual Reference Point
    W West