UK Airprox Board UK Airprox Board
  • This section contains the monthly summaries of Airprox Board Meeting assessments – associated individual Airprox reports within each monthly summary can be accessed by hyperlink. 

    Airprox index from 2000 


    Website cataloque Icon   An Airprox index from 2000 can be downloaded here in Excel format(.xslx).

      There will be hyperlink to the full reports from the year 2010 onwards.  



    Interactive Map of UK Airprox Locations

    Airprox map graphic An interactive map of UK Airprox locations is available which has been provided by kind permission of Mr Chris Fox, a member of the Airprox Board. 

    The UKAB takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information shown on the map, but are more than happy to report any errors to Chris so that he can correct or update any of the data as appropriate. 

    Viewers of the map should also be aware that the airspace overlay displays current airspace boundaries - historic Airprox information will be relevant to the airspace in force at the time, which may have been different to the current boundaries.

    If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.